Message From Chairman

Message From Chairman


It gives me immense pleasure to announce the launch of HISTAR which is a Unique Pre Primary School Programme designed for the young kids of today.

HISTAR is an In House Effort of the HIS Faculty incorporating the Good Practices of all quality Pre Primary Programmes both in India and abroad.

I firmly believe that a Young Child is an Unique Individual in his / her own right and his/her learning process must follow the fun and joyful learning mode

The Concept of HISTAR Encompasses:

  • Ensuring Holistic and All Round Development of the Child
  • Ensuring Real Life Sensory and Fun Filled Learning Experiences
  • Recognising the need that every child is intrinsically different and a ‘One Size Fits All Method’ is passe’
  • Constant Collaboration between Teacher-Student & Family

The HISTAR Programme is a dynamic curriculum which relies heavily on the Student and Parent Interface. I have no doubt that HISTAR will achieve its aim and be the harbinger of change in the field of Pre Primary School Education.

HISTAR with its focus on multilevel learning realities and its healthy mix of indoor and outdoor exposure will ensure a seamless transition from Pre School to Primary school.

I have no doubt that HISTAR being a Dynamic and Evolving Learning Strategy is the way forward to facilitate the All Round Development Process of our Little HISTAR Warriors.

Dr. Anand Jacob Verghese


Hindustan International Schools

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