The HISTAR Programme

The Focus of The HISTAR Programme is to facitilate the balanced and All Round Development of the Child in the domains of Social Skills, Physique, Aesthetics and Creativity and Cognitive & Emotional Development.

Social Skills

  • To Nuture Children to be Sociable and behave in an appropriate and desirable manner. It includes the ability to interact with Adults and Peers.


  • To facilitate the development of Children’s Gross and Fine Motor Skills .
  • To improve their Sensory Perceptions and ability of Concentration and Observation.
  • To enable Children to develop Awareness for Self Protection.

Aesthetics and Creativity

  • To enrich Children’s Sensory Experiences and encourage them to freely express their Thoughts and Feelings.
  • To Stimulate Children’s Creativity and Imagination and encourage them to enjoy participating in Creative Works and Activity.

Cognitive and Language Development

  • To arouse and fuflil the curiousity of Children and cultivate in them an Inquisitive Mind.
  • To develop simple Logical Concepts and basics of Numeracy and Literacy.
  • To develop abilities in Analysis, Reasoning, Judgement and Problem Solving.

Emotional Well Being and Development

  • Young Children learn to adapt to the existence of Emotions – Joy, Pain, Anger through everyday experiences. This domain includes the development of Self Confidence and Self Esteem. This learning domain includes the ability to express Feelings and Emotions without inhibitions.
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