Early childhood Development – Parenting Session

HISTAR, the pre-primary division of Hindustan International School organised a special face-to-face session dedicated to unravelling the nuances of early childhood development and tailored parenting strategies for the millennial generation.Held at the Hindustan Auditorium, Guindy, the event aimed to equip parents with valuable insights crucial for nurturing their children in today’s dynamic world.

Led by Dr. Teena Abhishek, a distinguished professional (CAPPA USA & UNICEF Certified), Psychologist, and Woman Health Speaker, the session provided an engaging platform for parents to delve into the intricacies of early childhood development. A Q&A session facilitated meaningful interactions. The session proved to be an enlightening experience for both parents and teachers, fostering a stronger sense of community among HISTAR parents. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of early childhood development milestones, thanks to Dr. Teena Abhishek’s expertise.

Stay tuned for more enriching events as we continue our journey of fostering knowledge and community at HISTAR.

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